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    The former JOINT-MAG is a designated magnet manufacturer by the Ministry of Electronics & Industry. It has engaged in the production and research of permanent ferrite magnets for 40 years, and has gained a profound scientific research, production strength and experience. JOINT-MAG has a team of skilled staff and professional management elites, among whom there are two experts enjoying subsidies from the State Council and dozens of senior technical engineers. After years of efforts and fast progress, JOINT-MAG has become a high and new technology enterprise with annual output 20,000 tons of high-performance real earth ferrite magnetic tiles, specifications of our products more than 1,000, R&D, production, sales and after-sales service are integrated. Our company is a leading company in magnet industry which completely promote Quality Standard TS16949 more than 10 years, it is also a member of National Magnetic Components and Ferrite Materials Standards Technology Committee, an associate unit of Sichuan Province Magnetic Materials and Devices Industrial technology Alliance, an associate unit of China Science and Technology City ( Mianyang) Military-Civilians Integration Magnetic Materials Technology Innovation Center. Acquired honors as "National High and New Technology Enterprise”, “Sichuan Province Constructive and Innovative-Nurture Enterprise”, “Sichuan Growing Medium-Small Enterprise”, “Intellectual Property Rights Advantageous Enterprise”and so on. A series of products widely used for various motors of motorcycles, cars, household appliances, medical components and various direct current machines. With high quality of various magnet tiles to meet customers’ needs. Hold the honest and trustworthy concept of “ Quality First, Credit Prioritized”, our company incessantly has improved technology and upgraded equipment in recent years, moreover, undertake many scientific research projects from Sichuan Province Science and technology Office, lead the development trend of domestic material industry. Our company has become one of the most competent professional manufacturers for ferrite magnetic products.。

Specifications and Types  more than 1,000

Annual Productivity in Weight  more than 10,000 tons

Annual Productivity in Pieces   more than 100,000.000

JOINT-MAG, invite you to taste craftsmanship!

1979—Origin Speaker

Company announced officially established in Zigong City, a city which called the Well Salt Capital Worldwide. And our company was a designated magnet manufacturer by the Ministry of Electronics Industry, also nurtured a batch of Chinese pioneers and guides in research and production of magnet materials. Under their endeavor, sales of magnet rings for speakers prevailed in domestic market, product widely won praise. Our explore just begin!

2000—Ignition Desire

Cooperated with German BOSCH company, initially successful designed a kind of magnet tile for starter motor which used for a world well-known motor brand, ignited the confidence and aspiration for our products to sell to abroad. In the same year, our company officially passed Quality System Certification ISO9001.

2004—Dream Sailing

Sichuan Technology Office has authenticated and passed our newly-developed product JC-Y4240( equivalent to TDK FB6B) with high performance ferrite technology. Our company has launched a series of usage development of products since 2004, especially successfully applied Material JC-Y4240 to various high-property motors of car industry.

2008—New Start New Challenge

Plant A in Chenguang Industrial Park officially put into production and passed Quality System Certification ISO/TS16949:2002.

2011—Technology Pioneer

Sichuan Technology Office has authenticated and passed our newly-developed product JC-Y4350( equivalent to TDK FB9H) with high-performance ferrite magnet technology. Since then, initiative for domestic magnet industry to research and invent high-performance ferrite magnet technology activated. In the same year, Our company held “ Concerning Application of High-Performance Magnets in High-End Motors”national seminar to share our experience in formula refinement, control for particle size of raw material pulp, optimize dispersal, optimize sintering and so on.

2015—Cooperation Stronger

Cooperated with Sichuan University to set up Rare Earth Ferrite Magnet Technology Center and Injected Multi-Polar Magnet Ring Career Department; In the same year, successfully got the third bidding project for Significant Technology Breakthrough of National Pan Zhihua & Xichang Pilot Zone, annual output more than 100 million pieces.

2016—Breakthrough Higher

Sichuan Technology Office has authenticated and passed our newly-developed product JC-Y4545 ( equivalent to TDK FB12) with high-performance ferrite magnet technology. In the same year, we successfully held”JOINT-MAG Development Seminar” to share our experience in compound formula addition, element exchange optimization, frequency conversion grinding, grain structure of magnet, craft of super micro particle, craft of strong oxygen sintering and so on.

2017—Future Broader

Officially started the construction for new plant, the exemplary production lines for new plant’s annual output of high-performance real earth ferrite pre-sintered powder will be 4,000 tons and 100,000 tons high-performance real earth ferrite magnet components.

2018—Explore Limitless

Our company officially upgraded to become provider for one-stop comprehensive magnet solutions, combined sintering with injection two crucial crafts, took compound materials which composed by traditional materials ferrite, NdFeB, SmFeN and so on with new type materials to customize more energy-saving, more efficient, more reliable one-stop comprehensive solutions for you!


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